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Custom Dugouts

We can produce custom dugouts for your merch table or store! Email formore info.

The custom dugout process:
1. Logo
 Email a logo or two to Vector art is best, but any high resolution image will work. We will review your art and get back to you within a day.

2. Proof
We will work your art up into tool paths for the engraver, fix any corners or lines that won't carve well and make a test carving or two. We'll send you pictures, and if you approve we will send an invoice and start carving.

3. Carving
We use one of three CNC machines and various bits to carve the logos. We usually devote a day to carving, then proceed with the rest of process.

4. Paint
Each dugout is hand painted, dried and sanded clean. We use a few different types of paint, depending on color and finish desired. 

5. Assembly and finishing
We attach the lids, trim them flush, and sand smooth before applying 3 coats of a high quality satin enamel. After the finish dries they go through QA, get loaded with bats and packed for shipment.

Overall the process takes up to a week once we get a good test carve.